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The Parent Center serves and advocates for parents to be involved in school programs, activities and trainings. Guest speakers, workshops and activities are provided for parents during the fall and spring parent conferences.


GSCS seeks and identifies children ages birth to 21 with disabilities so they can be evaluated and provided with the educational support and services that they need.


  • Early intervention will help children develop to their full potential

  • Pre-school serves to help children in reaching their developmental milestones.

  • Special Education services provide specialized instruction and services to assist children in the educational environment.

Residential Program

The Residential lifestyle accommodates students with rooms, TV, leisure and recreational activities, study hall, cook-outs and field trips. Residential students get checked out or transported home on weekends and the dormitory re-opens on Sundays.

Eighth Grade Activities


Our school takes pride in student accomplishment. Along with other activities, some of the highlights are:

  • 8th Grade Banquet

  • End-of-the-year weeklong trip

  • 8th Grade promotion



The Food Service Department provides our students with healthy and nutritional meals. GSCSI staff and the Food Service Department combine efforts to provide community dinners to celebrate special occasions such as banquets, holidays and our annual Native American Indian day.


Students are honored and recognized for their academic achievements. The awards given are for:

  • Honor Roll

  • Outstanding Attendance

  • Most Improved

  • Citizenship

  • Valedictorian

  • Salutatorian

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