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Our Upcoming 2024-2025 Fall Sports 



*Get your sports physical scheduled*

Sportsmanship and the development of positive character have long been explicit goals of school sports. A strong belief exists that sport programs have the power to promote the development of sportsmanlike behaviors, ethical decision-making skills, and a total curriculum for moral character development.

GSCSI offers a sports program to students to promote physical awareness, competitive spirit and to instill a desire to succeed through positive sportsmanship.

The following sports include:

  • Basketball

  • Cross Country

  • Volleyball

  • Baseball

  • Softball


Who to contact about middle school sports?

Greasewood Springs Community School Front Office (928) 654-3331

Student Eligibility

  • Physicals

  • Each students MUST have a current physical [Download the AIA Physical Form]

  • All student athletes MUST have proof of medical insurance or before the season begins

  • All students MUST have a 2.0 GPA or better

  • Students must have passing grades in at least 4 classes, 2 of which are 

  • in core content areas

What is sportsmanship?

  • Playing fair

  • Following the rules of the game

  • Respecting the judgment of referees and officials

  • Treating opponents with respect

How can both students and parents show good sportsmanship?

  • Model positive attitudes before, during and after the game

  • Emphasize that the point of the competition is for fun, not for winning

  • Encourage and cooperate with teammates

  • Don't applaud when the other team makes a bad play, and do applaud when they make a good play!

  • Don't belittle the umpire or second-guess the coach

  • Don't coach from the sidelines. It will only confuse the players.

  • If your team loses a game, acknowledge the toughness of the other team.


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