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Principal: Lucinda Godinez         Head Teacher:  Loretta Chee

Lead Bus Driver: Cyrus Wheeler      Acting Facility Manager:  Norman Billie ​

Business Manager: Lisa Byjoe     Human Resources Manager:  Emaline Puente​​​








Newly Sworn In School Board Members As Of

January 10, 2023

Mr. Hoskie Bryant, Sheepsprings, New Mexico

Ms. Genevieve Jackson, Window Rock, Arizona

Ms. Vera Whitehair, Sanders,Arizona

Ms. Valerie Yazzie, Chambers, Arizona

Ms. Sophia Attakai-Francis, Winslow, Arizona​​


Pictured (Left) Mr. Hoskie Bryant Secretary, (Middle) Ms. Sophia Attakai-Francis President and (Right) Ms. Genevieve Jackson Vice President at GSCS Groundbreaking Ceremony June 20, 2024

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