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A Brief History Of Our School

Greasewood Springs Community School has a rich history in education. It started in the early 1950s when the community was provided education by missionary schools. Then in 1963, the Bureau of Indian Education built the Greasewood Boarding School, catering to students from Kindergarten to fourth Grade.

To meet the growing educational needs of the community, the Greasewood Springs Community School (GSCS) became a Public Law 100-297 Tribally Controlled Grant School on July 1, 1996. Since then GSCS, has been continuously developing and evolving to meet the unique educational needs of Greasewood Springs and its surrounding communities from Kindergarten to eight grade. 

In 2016, GSCS received approval from the U.S. Department of Interior for a new school replacement. For the school year 2023-2024, GSCS expects to receive PL 100-297 grant funds to manage school construction for a total of 89,921 sq. ft. for all the buildings to be replaced. 

Greasewood Springs Community School is expected to have its Groundbreaking Ceremony June 20, 2024 for the upcoming new buildings.



Greasewood Boarding School


Greasewood Springs Community School

School Colors: Blue, Yellow, White

Mascot: Mustangs

Principal:  Mrs. Lucinda Godinez


FACE (0-5) - Kindergarten - 8th Grade 

Residential 1st-8th Grade

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