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Governing Board Meetings

Meetings Dates and Agenda

 January   Governing Board Regular Meeting 
 February   Governing Board Regular Meeting 
 March   Governing Board Regular Meeting 
 April   Governing Board Regular Meeting 
 May   Governing Board Regular Meeting 

Types of Meetings

Regular meetings

Regular meetings of the Governing Board are scheduled the first and third Wednesdays of every month, unless posted otherwise. These are public meetings where the business of the board is conducted and where the public may voice opinions or concerns during the Public Forum portion of the meeting.

Special meetings

Special meetings of the Governing Board are scheduled periodically to address the business of the board that is not already addressed at the regular meetings. Special meetings also provide a venue where board members can ask for and are given in-depth information on a variety of topics. Often, work studies on budget or instructional issues are scheduled during special meetings.

Committee meetings

Committees include Capital Outlay, Property; District Relations; Finance and Audit; and Policy and Instruction. The committees are responsible for addressing board business and work independently, but in collaboration with each other. Ad hoc committees and task force committees or commissions may be appointed by the president or the Board of Education as a group.

Notice of Board meetings

All meetings of the Board of Directors, including committee meetings, will be posted at least 24 hours in advanced.


Agendas for all board meetings are prepared by using internal procedures and are posted in a manner that complies with the 10 NNC § 200 (E) No items may be added within 24 hours prior to the meeting that the agenda relates to; however, an item may be removed or moved to another position on the agenda by the board members at the time of the regular or special meeting before the agenda is accepted by the board members. 

Quorum of the Board

Four board members comprise a quorum for the transaction of board business at a regular, special, closed or emergency meeting.  A quorum must be present for action to be taken.

Voting procedures

All board members may vote on any matter coming before it, unless a conflict of interest exists. Board members cannot vote by proxy. They may participate in a board or committee meeting by telephone.


Draft minutes of each board or committee meeting are prepared within 10 working days after the meeting to which they pertain. 

Public Attendance

Regular, special, emergency and committee meetings are open to the public. Executive sessions are those meetings that fall under specific guidelines in the 10 NCC § 200 (E).


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